Have you been dreaming of hiring an interior designer?

But think it is out of your league or you are embarrassed because you don’t really understand how interior design works?

Let me tell you how hiring a designer is right for you and how the design process works.

Here’s why you’ll want to hire an interior designer (namely, me!)

You’ll save yourself many sleepless nights and premature balding. 

I know you are here because you are frustrated with your design project. Either you’ve already purchased items that don’t work right in your house, or you’ve worked with a contractor and you don’t understand what they are talking about. And most likely you are squabbling with your spouse because you can’t agree on what needs to be done next.

I help you figure all that out with a well thought out plan tailored especially for you. I give you the roadmap to success, no matter what the path.

You’ll get to take advantage of all my expertise and understanding of the overall design process. 

Right now you are all confused about what you want and it feels like a big blurry, jumbled mess. But really deep down you know what you want and my basic function is to help you interpret your design needs and style so that you can have a home that is all about you and only you (not your best friend or your sister-in-law).

With my design skills you will get all the features you want and the whole project will run smoothly. I have the tools and skills to look at your home in a way you never thought of. 

I’ll teach you the language. 

What the heck is the difference between blend-down and spring-down anyway? And say what? – Convection Oven? I explain every part and parcel, so you get the products, materials, and finishes that are right for the way that you and your family live.

I will never let you buy a bonded leather sofa (not that leather sofas aren’t great, but you have to make sure you get the right kind) or put travertine tile on your floor (it is a soft stone that will fail and just because Home Depot stalks it by the container full, doesn’t make it right).

You’ll get my design sense and attention to detail. 

You need a house that is functional, no doubt, but you also want it to be beautiful, while maximizing your budget. At the same time you want lasting appeal that adds value to your biggest investment – your home. And most of all you don’t want a cookie-cutter house – you want something that speaks about who you are.

I am always up-to-date on trends in design, so you’ll have all the latest and greatest when it comes to not only trends, but style and technology as well.

You’ll get access to all my exclusive trade resources. 

Have you already picked out everything at Pottery Barn and Pier 1? And you want to cry when you go to your colleagues’ house and they have the exact same thing? Or what about when you can recognize every chandelier they sell at Home Depot? Not to mention, if you have to put together one more IKEA whatsitmadiggy with an allen wrench, you might go postal. Yikes! And you wonder “How can I get those great things I see on Houzz?”

I have access to many vendors and manufacturers who only sell to interior designers. And being in the design business I network with many pros who know all the latest and greatest (and even what is about to be the latest and greatest). I source out the best items and elements for your situation, dreams, desires, and expectations.

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” – unknown

How Interior Design Works . . . . .

First: We schedule a “Remodel Clarity Session”. This is an intensive 1-1 2 hour consultation where we roll up our sleeves and dig deep into what you are trying to accomplish in your home. I bring all sorts of catalogs, brochures, and color decks to show you. My measuring tape is on my hip and my trace paper and pencil are at hand to begin brainstorming with you to concoct the best plan for you.

Then: You select the “Adventures in Design” or Your Kitchen: A Love Story” package based on your project. We draw floor plans, space plans, renderings, mood boards, shopping lists, and construction documents if required. You know exactly how your project will look when it is done. You know exactly what you are going to purchase and that it will all fit together perfectly. We will procure it, store it, deliver it, and install it. By golly, it’s a “done for you” design!

Next: If any kind of construction is involved, we help you connect with one of our trusted contractors/tradesmen that we know will be the best fit for you and your project.  And building permits, yeah, we take care of that too.

And: We keep an eye on your project to make sure everything is done correctly and how we planned it.

All this is done with a signed Letter of Agreement so that everyone understands who is going to do what and what to expect.

Want more details about our process and pricing? Click here to read and listen to my videos on my process

 A Little Bit About Me . . . .

Breathtaking kitchens, show-stopping master suites, and swoon-worthy living rooms are all in a day’s work for  Certified Interior Designer Kathleen Jennison. She specializes in helping creative, stylish homeowners take their spaces from basic and bland to beautiful, functional, and truly unique.

Starting with a brand new home? Kathleen and her team will take away the stress, worry, and decision-overload and help you make first-rate selections every step of the way.

Remodeling your existing place? She’s got you covered there, too – her award-winning combination of wisdom, experience and fabulous taste will turn your big vision into reality while saving you from costly mistakes.

Between her extensive credentials (Jennison has a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design and Business Administration, is Past President of the American Society of Interior Designers, California Central/Nevada and serves as Director of Marketing for National Association of Remodelers, Greater Sacramento) and stunning portfolio of past projects, Kathleen Jennison is the accomplished designer you’ve been looking for.

A Few Reasons I Rock at What I Do:

: I’m passionate about helping my clients develop their personal style and reflecting their wildly unique personality in chic spaces.

: I have a serious can-do attitude and approach thinking of what can be done, not what can’t.

: I have a unique background in both business and design philosophy – which allows me to help you with every detail of your design project, no matter the scale.

: I’m crazy strict about budgets & timelines. No project begins without an agreed upon work scope and go-ahead on both sides.

: I take a collaborative approach, meaning you’re right there every step of the way. As your full service Interior Designer, my goal is to incorporate classic principles of scale, proportion, color, and quality into your space, while weaving in your own unique style & taste.

: I’m a general contractor, too. This is important because not only can I design, I can execute. Essentially, I  take your big vision & turn it into reality in a seamless process. My 1-on-1 interior design services help you go from concept to implementation – in no time flat.

My StoryKathleen Jennison

My path to interior design stardom is actually a pretty crazy story.
In 2006, a nearly fatal accident changed my life.

I had always been a classic left brain person  – I adore details. I’m highly analytical, organized & disciplined to the max. But after my accident, I noticed a change. I had a strong desire to draw and paint. Even my family & friends noticed that I was just a little different than I’d been before.

One of my doctors suggested I take some art courses to supplement my other rehabilitation.

And everything changed.

I was a Certified Public Accountant for a national firm at the time, but I enrolled in Basic Drafting and Color Theory classes at the local art college in between work. And I fell in love!

Then, one day while on medical leave from my firm – feeling extremely lost, confused and “blah” about my current place in life– I thought to myself, “what will thrill and delight me?”

And the answer was simple: Interior design. Right then & there, I decided to leave my job. I completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design, obtained a Contractor’s License, and became a Certified Interior Designer in the State of California. I launched my design & build business in 2009…and the rest, as they say, is history.

My accident was a horrible experience, but it unlocked something in me I never would have had otherwise. Everyday I’m reminded how precious life is. Now, I concentrate on what I can do, not what I can’t do. But, most importantly I spend every day doing what thrills and delights me!

Are you ready to live in a space that thrills and delights you, too? Check out more ways I can help you with your next interior design project on my services page.

Connect with me on Facebook or start a conversation with me on Twitter. I’m also available via my contact form anytime.

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